New Business Idea? How to Test It Before Launching

So you already have a great idea, and are already prepared to enter the world of entrepreneurship. However, you may think your idea is perfect the way it is, but nothing is certain in this world especially in business. Hence, it is smart to test it out before you spend a lot of money and time developing a product or service for which there is no market.

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Unfortunately, there are still some creators who embark without having actually tested their business project – this is actually a huge mistake.

Before investing money and time launching a new product or service, it is paramount to first know who your targets are. It is necessary to meet as many potential customers to get an idea of the process of buying the product or service offered, whether the competition is not already hard positioned, etc. Of course, a thorough market research (qualitative and quantitative if possible) behaviour of the target is a plus.

Once you have already determined your targets, the next step is to test the ideas. If the product appeals to purchase a part of the customer, it confirms that the model established business is good and will thus reassure stakeholders of the project (including investors).

Do not feel bad when there are people criticising your product or service. Remember that critics help business improve, and taking criticisms positively is healthy to your growth as an entrepreneur.

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